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Hello there! :D 

I’m at uni at the moment, in Fisher Library, next to Joshua who drooled on my jacket and helped me write this sentence because the grammar was iffy in her head (Hi!).

Anywho, i’ve sat here all morning surfing on asos.com and yesstyle.com! I think i’m going to buy some summer clothing and jackets from yesstyle for summer since i’m going to China in January. It’d be winter there and i’d have to buy winter clothing for 2012 -.- Yayyy for the extended winter month! not!

I think my favourite season/s is probably Spring and Autumn; you don’t get blown away by the cold wind OR cooked when you step outside. BUT i do love the snow and going to the beach :3 also the fruits that are in season during Summer… i guess i just don’t like the heat :P 

(10 hours later…)
I was too sleepy to finish my ramble and just fell asleep on Josh’s shoulder :3 The dresses i was thinking of buying went from $16/17 (on sale) to $32+ in a couple of hours D:< big sigh 

I’m gonna go now, i just woke up so my head hurts :( TATA~   

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